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Why Five Second Video Ads Are The Future

A few months ago YouTube reported that ads were up 50%, and the marketing world went nuts about how web video was finally paying its way. Marketing people often miss the boat in technology often thinking they still have the one way communication of television and print. YouTube just pumped more 15 – 30 second ads onto users who were expecting something else. That is bad user experience and ultimately is not a long term option.

Nothing drives people up the wall than having to watch a poorly targeted video ad prior to the real video they were linked to, let alone a 30 second one. 30 seconds online is like 30 minutes on TV. That’s why the future of web advertising in the video sphere will be micro length ads like this Adidas ad for the New Zealand All Blacks.

It’s brilliant because it loads quickly, gets to the point and is on-brand. First there were books, then there were magazines, then there were blog posts, and now there’s Twitter. Video works the same way and making your point in 5 seconds or less is probably the future.

I’m not alone:

MTV Finds Most Effective Video Ad Unit is 5 Second Pre-roll

What is your favorite short ad?


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  1. [...] Benjamin Royce has an excellent post about 5 second pre-roll video ads being the future, and this concept is backed up by research and implementation by MTV; the channel, some would argue, that gave the world ADD. [...]

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